What Stylists HATE my RANT

Ok, this is my rant about being a stylist.  Let’s say you are not on a Salary paid job.  Your shift is like 8-4 pm Central time zone.  You clock in on time and you exit at exactly 4!  AM I RIGHT?  Comment below?

Well, when a client comes into a salon for a quick hair cut at 15 minutes to CLOSED, that is something a STYLIST HATES.  Why?  You do not know how much work goes into the pressure of being a stylist, sanitation, and other duties needed to be performed.  I promise you that as an experienced 20 years stylist, if you need a haircut that bad, it will be the fastest haircut I will give in under the CLOSED TIME allowed.  How would you like to ALWAYS stay LATE and not get paid at your job?  I feel sorry for those that do.  I do have a life outside of work and never show it.

I have to get comments..would you like to work after your closing hours?  Yes or No?