Today is 7/26/2016

Welcome to my blog about books and book reviews.  I am a top Amazon book reviewer for Authors.  I have been doing business with them for seven years.  Here is one example:

Section 1 – Stuff…It Blows The Life Out Of You!
In this section you’ll discover the debilitating effects of clutter
Why “Stuff” Can Blow The Life From You
How Did This Happen To Me?
Benefits of Decluttering
Clutter in Review
Section 2 – Week 1 Your Home & Your Work Space
This section will provide a step by step guide to start eliminating clutter
Living Spaces
Living room/Family Room
Closets & Drawers
Home office/Desk
The Garage, Basement & Attic
Review Week 1
Section 3 – Week 2 Your Finances And Your Life
This section will help you learn to take control of your finances
Shred & Ditch the Paper
Bill Consolidation
Automate Savings & Start-up Bill Pay
Digital Clutter
Week 3 Review
Section 4 – The Long Haul
This final section you’ll learn strategies and methods for maintenance
Create Central Locations
Put Things in Their Place
Clean Regularly – Especially the Hot Spots
Recycle & Donate
Keep Up On Expiration Dates

The good news is that by learning to declutter your life you can start reaping the rewards such as:
1. Increase in productivity
2. Spend less time cleaning and dusting
3. Increased clarity and focus
4. The ability to find things more quickly
5. Become less attached to stuff in general
6. Create more time to do things you enjoy

Who this book is for:
Someone that has a hard time keeping their living spaces clean
A person who is extremely active and on the go but disorganized
A person who feels overwhelmed by their office
Someone who cleans but feels they are not making progress
Feeling overwhelmed at home and frequently can’t find things
Feeling embarrassed to have people over due to a messy environment
This book is also for anyone who desires to live a purposeful and more organized life with greater intention

© 2016 Jackie Paulson


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