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Hi everyone lets join in together to get book reviews out for those great AUTHORS ok?

I believe that book reviews help sell books. So I run a voluntary Book Review Team to help authors reach a wider audience. Rewan Tremethick says this about us; Yet another fantastic review of Falle…

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Confessions of a Trauma Junkie by Sherry Jones Mayocover confessions of a trauma junkie

This is a true story of a nurse paramedic. It is a peek into the world of EMS and ER people from Sherry’s true life experiences. It talks about trauma, tragedy, redemption, humor and the reality of the nurse paramedic. My favorite part is the dedication and sleepless nights and days as she was on the scene in the critical Incident debriefer for Hurricane Katrina. “On page 162, Katrina hit on Monday September 29th in 2005.It hit the Gulf coast of Mississippi with full force, it was one of the five deadliest in U.S. history. This affected more than one million people, nothing could prepare for the actual challenges of this type of catastrophe. “

When it was finally over and Sherry returned home she realized how we each take the basics for granted every day and we need to realize there is always someone worse off than you. I was gifted this book in order to give an unbiased review. I loved the book because I am interested and experienced in the Security and Homeland Security field. I am also interested in CSI. This book is not for everyone, but I loved the book! © 2016 Jackie Paulson




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