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August 2016 is Write An Amazon Review Month! By @TerryTyler4 #AugustReviews On Monday 25th July, book blogger Rosie Amber wrote this post encouraging readers and writers alike to post a short revie…

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How To Get Book Reviews Target Top Reviewers on Amazon

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To generate a positive book reviews from one of Amazon’s top customer reviewers is not only a great endorsement for your book, it’s often perceived as a more meaningful. This is due to the review due to the criteria of those that have already qualified in Amazon’s top reviewer list.
The book reviewer’s have a professional profile and credibility. But the rewards are often worth the extra effort. In many cases, reviews from top Amazon reviewers can generate enough momentum to create a cascade of additional reviews and book sales.
It is a well known fact that connecting with book bloggers, will build a connection. A great marketing strategy.
Look up book Authors you like and the reviewers and then you can click on the email and ask questions for marketing:
Do they accept unsolicited books?
What other books have they reviewed?
Does yours fit with their interests?
Do they have a blog where they post their reviews?
How do they review other books in your genre?
What are some of their other interests that you could use to help personalize your query or pitch?
Another strategy for finding high quality reviewers on Amazon:amazon logog
• Go to your personal Author Page on Amazon and locate the “Customers Also Bought Items By” section on the right. This section provides a list of authors whose topic or genre is similar.
• Clicking on an author name will bring you to their author page, which will include a listing of their books. Choose a book, then click on a review for that book. This will take you to the Customer Reviews page.
• Click on the name of a reviewer to get to that reviewer’s Amazon profile (which lists books or items that they’ve reviewed).
• Look for contact info like an email address or a link to their website.
• Send them a query via email, referencing that you noticed they reviewed book XYZ by John Doe and you are wondering if they would be interested in reviewing your book on a similar topic, and that you’d be happy to send them a free copy if they’re interested.
• Remember, you can go through the “Customers Also Bought Items By” section on each author’s page.

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